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About Us

The Northern Wake Fire Department is located in northern Wake County near Raleigh, NC. Our Professional Firefighters consist of both volunteer and career, and we are uniquely qualified and trained to provide the highest level of emergency services available to our community.

We are very proud to announce that on July 1, 2017, a new era of fire and emergency services will be coming to the citizens living and traveling through the northern part of Wake County.  This will be the day that the Bay Leaf Volunteer Fire Department and the Stony Hill Rural Fire Department will  consolidate together and become “Northern Wake Fire Department”.  

For the past several months, the members of both organizations have been working collectively and tirelessly toward this goal.  Emerging will be a new and exciting public safety organization, anchored by a combined 115 years of rich history and outstanding community service.  Our organization’s closely aligned standards and shared values have allowed us to design an even better fire and rescue organization, one that will be filled with exciting opportunities in the future.

Throughout the process, four vision statements have guided our decision making.  

Northern Wake Fire Department will be:  

–  An organization that improves and expands its services to the citizens;

–  An organization that people desire to be associated and/or involved with;

–  An organization that serves as a model to others in our discipline/field;

–  An organization that is willing to take appropriate risks in order to pioneer new ideas.

We wish to thank both our local citizens and partnering community organizations for all of your support.  We look forward to building even stronger relationships with you as we continue to grow.  To all of our past members, your dedicated service and leadership has provided the foundation for what will be a premier fire and rescue organization.  To all of the brave men and women who currently serve, the future is yours to create.  You definitely are the “best of the best” and we are excited for you.  For those that have an interest in joining our team, please contact us.  We would love to talk with you!    

More exciting information about the Northern Wake Fire Department will be coming soon!  

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